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Mynglis is an experiment in blogging. I will design a puzzle encryption algorithm for each post. For now, I will leave comments turned on for any ciphertext entries to enable a community decrypting effort.

You should consider the ciphertext to include only the post body as rendered on the page; I won’t hide any information in the actual HTML code, and positioning will only be important to the extent that HTML allows it to be specified. In general, there will be no information lost by printing the message and working with it on paper.

Depending on my mood, the title may be meaningless, it may be related to the content of the post, and it may be used somehow as a key in the encryption algorithm.

I’ll start of by posting something every Monday, and we’ll see how that does. Any post that is published in the Ciphertext category will have a hidden message, even if the post appears to be cleartext on the surface.


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